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"Chan eil thu brèagha, tha mise brèagha!"

Translation:You are not pretty, I am pretty!

January 22, 2020



I'm not quite sure why you'd not say 'is mise brèagha' rather than 'tha mise brèagha' here.


Is is used with nouns, saying what you are, such as 'I am a teacher'. Tha is used for describing, with an adjective or preposition (including preposition + verbal noun) 'I am pretty', 'I am in the house', 'I am (at) painting the picture'.


Ouch! How Rhude!


What is the difference in say 'tha mi' rather than 'tha mise' for saying I am?


Hi KzRau. It's a question of emphasis. 'Tha mi brèagha' is a bald statement: 'I am pretty.' But 'Tha mise brèagha' is a countervailing statement heavy with implications. 'You? You think you're pretty, with a face like a torn scone? Ha ha! You're having a laugh! You're not pretty! Sheesh! I (Tha mise) am pretty!'


Traditionally it's used instead of a stress on the word, which is how we do it in English. You're not pretty, I am pretty


na troid. tha sinn uile breagha!

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