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  5. "Marjory is really hot."

"Marjory is really hot."

Translation:Tha Marsaili gu math teth.

January 22, 2020



Is this a girl's name and a sentence about her appearance?


Teth means actually hot, like a fire, a teakettle, a summer day.

“Hot” meaning “alluring or desirable” is an idiom only in English. There’s no reason why it would carry over into any other languages, lol.

EDIT: Apparently the idiom “hot” = “desirable” occurs in a few other languages, as mentioned in comments below. But it’s still not something one can assume exists in every other language just because it’s used that way in one’s own language. Idioms notoriously do not translate in most cases.


También "caliente" en Español


Et chaud en français aussi.


It's a girl's name.

And no. It's hot as in temperature.


Ok but then is it just hot as in "Marsali's in need of some shade and a nice, cold IRN BRU" or would "Marsali is running a fever" work as well?


Thank you. Well, I think that in English a more appropriate translation would be either that Marjory has a high temperature (as in sick) or that Marjory is getting overheated. That would certainly make it more clear.


I feel like those are more specific things that read too much into it. Like how you'd say you're turning on the aircon because you're hot, it's a more general "I'm hot" so long as 'hot' is actually temperature and not just appearance


Yes, but given that this is coming from the people who taught us how to say "Look, I do not have underpants on!" ... I think there is some ribald Scots humour afoot.


And it's just how people speak these days. It would not be at all unheard of to have someone make a comment like that about someone's appearance.

Oh, and all of the languages (with the exception of Arabic) I'm studying on Duolingo have had sentences related to underwear or the like.

(Btw, ribald = great word choice!)


Well, since the writers are bilingual and fluent in both English and Gàidhlig, they certainly know what an appropriate translation is for their own sentences.


Why is it gu math unstead of gu mór?


Gu math vs gu mòr. when to use each

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