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"Gli animali selvaggi sono allo zoo."

Translation:The wild animals are at the zoo.

July 7, 2014



If the animals are in a zoo, then by definition they are not wild


haha fair point. my issue is that surely they are 'in' the zoo, not 'at' it, unless of course we are both wrong and in fact there are wild animals visiting the zoo alongside tourists.


I agree with carli1195 - to me, "in the zoo" means that they are staying/living there, while "at the zoo" means that they are visiting. Lost a heart for "in the zoo" though, so have reported it...


I agree with Irishmolly


Agree with you totally. Next thing DL will be telling us the animals are at the opera. Have reported as well mid dec 14


A distinction without a difference. If they are at the zoo, they are going to be in the zoo, and in enclosures that will protect visitors to the zoo - or visitors at the zoo - or visitors in(side) the zoo.


But they are still savage, if they were that way to begin with.


Yes, but they are AT the zoo, i guess thay are visitors


At the zoo? So they bought tickets and now they're looking at other animals?


They are at the zoo, and they're staying there; they aren't at the movies or going shopping.

"My cousin Donald is in prison at the United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth. He's there for the rest of his life."

"The wild animals are in enclosures at the zoo."


I'm not sure what you intend to say with those quotes, but visitors are at the zoo, looking at animals in the zoo.


When visitors are at the zoo, they are also in the zoo, but fortunately the animals at the zoo are in cages in the zoo, so nobody gets eaten.

"At the zoo" is a perfectly good way of describing where the wild animals are. They are both at the zoo and in the zoo, although they are in cages and not at cages.


Should savage not also be accepted or is there another word for that?


I think so. Every single on-line translator I tried translated "savage animals" as animali selvaggi

This is way too close a cognate to be wrong. After all, some wild animals are not savage at all - like sloths, meerkats, koalas. Many wild animals can be domesticated simply by raising them around humans - they aren't born savage, they learn it to survive.

Reporting it Feb 2 2017


Agreed. Another sentence in this same set accepted savage - so why wouldn’t this? Granted wild is more colloquial, and less clunky word, but both are correct.


They should be wild animals in the wild


Or running for presidents...


I said "the animals at the zoo are wild" why is this wrong?


gli zoo sono demoralizzante.


I was marked wrong for using savage instead of ild. The English i the same, and Duo even translates the word this way. Tsk!

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