"Uncail beag."

Translation:A small uncle.

January 22, 2020



Can the descriptions of relatives such as uncle and aunts eg big and small refer to both size and age relative to the speaker? Eg my big uncle or the uncle who is older than me?


Yeah that works.

I'm not sure if that's more of a recent thing but myself and my friends would understand it as age if you said "piuthair beag" to us.


I'd agree with 'piuthar/bràthair/co-ogha beag', but I think with aunties and uncles I'd use 'òg' with age. Probably because it's not often that you would describe your aunties' and uncles' ages in reference to your own. In most cases, they are going to be older than you anyway, so you wouldn't really specify whether they were 'beag' or 'mòr'. But as tj4234 said, colloquially you'd use 'beag' and 'mòr' when talking about ages in reference to yourself eg with siblings or cousins.


Ohay but why isn't it "Uncail bheag"? A few questions ago it was piuthar bheag...

Can someone please explain the grammatical rules here? Why is it bheag sometimes and beag other times? What's the principle being followed?


Just figured out from reading other comments that you add "h" to adjectives descrbing feminine nouns

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