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mit dem Autoren

I don't understand why "Die Herausgeberin isst mit dem Autoren" is correct, as far as I know der Autor is masculin, so "mit dem Autor" would be the correct dativ form. Why "mit dem Autoren", then?

April 15, 2012



Simple answer: The sentence "Die Herausgeberin isst mit dem Autoren" is wrong. The correct sentence would be indeed "Die Herausgeberin isst mit den Autoren".

Maybe this will help (even with "Kunden"):

"der Autor" => "the author"

"die Autoren" => "the authors"

"der Kunde" => "the customer"

"die Kunden" => "the customers"

So, while both "mit den Kunden" (customers) and "mit dem Kunden" (customer) is correct, for the author is has to be "mit den Autoren" and "mit dem Autor".


Some masc. nouns add an -en or -n ending in the dative. so ... mit dem Autoren - with the author ... mit den Autoren - with the authors


add to it, "Der Vertreter spielt mit dem Kunden.". Got this wrong seconds after the last post.


Agreed, there are many of those Dativs wrong.


But is it really a mistake on the part of duolingo? A google search for "mit dem Kunden" returned 97 million results whereas one for "mit den Kunden" returned only, 70.6 million results. May be there is something more than a mere bug??


Let's see if someone else can give us an insight!


and dict.cc (german- english dictionary) has a listing for "in Absprache mit dem Kunden", giving its meaning as "as agreed upon with the customer". The plot thickens !

[deactivated user]

    Some masculine nouns add the extra n or en in the dative case. That is the correct explanation.

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