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  5. "Chan eil an dealbh dona."

"Chan eil an dealbh dona."

Translation:The picture is not bad.

January 22, 2020



I wanted to say; 'it's not a bad picture', but it was marked wrong - probably because it was ;) So how would I say; it's not a bad picture??


Chan e dealbh dona a th’ ann

You cannot use tha, a bheil, and chan eil (forms of the verb bi) to say what or who someone or something is, you can only use them do describe things and people (like in it is bad, he is nice; but not in it is a bad thing, he is a nice person).

For saying who or what sb or sth is, you need the copula is (which in negative is just cha(n)), eg. is cù e it is a dog, but nowadays it’s common to use a more sophisticated phrase for such sentences, is e cù a th’ ann it is a dog, lit. a dog is it-that is in-it, a dog is in it/him; or chan e cù a th’ ann it is not a dog (a dog is not what is in it).


Tapadh leibh / thank you / mange tak! :)


My brain exploded trying to understand that.


I am typing the correct answer in Gaelic but it keeps saying i am typing in English so i cant finish the set??


You ought to be, I think? Unless it's a listening exercise.


When that happens to me, I enter something like cha mi a' tuigsinn seo.

I came across this sentence: "An diabhal facail a thuigeas mi dhen phoileasaidh seo".

"I don't understand a bloody word of this policy".

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