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  5. "Chan eil mi à Barraigh."

"Chan eil mi à Barraigh."

Translation:I am not from Barra.

January 22, 2020



I REALLY can't hear this woman accurately , I'm sad to say.


Hey, we can't remove audio unless we record over it, and we can't record audio as Duolingo staff are currently working on a bug fix. Sorry!


The bug fix is on hold until tge bug is fixed. Thanks for your patience!


I feel exactly the same. It's really quite hard to understand her


Give her a chance. As you become more familiar with the vocabulary and spelling, the various accents and vocal sounds become easier to understand.


It's a feature, not a bug!


the issue isnt her voice, its what its recorded on. it blends the words together and if you dont know what you're looking for, understanding the samples from this person is near impossible


Whoa! The audio in the "comments" section is very different from the one I got on the exercise.

I mean, it's the same words, but much clearer and understandable. The one on the exercise sounded like it was recorded on a 40 year old cassette recorder and this one in here is three times louder and quite clear.

The audio on the exercise was understandable, just not perfectly so. It's nothing to do with her dialect or mannerisms, it was just that the static level was very high, making certain sounds unable to be heard. Like the "ch" sound, which just blended into the background. Which means it's fine if you are familiar enough with the sentence to realize there's nothing else similar enough to confuse it with, but if you're just guessing or picking from a list then it's almost impossible.

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