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  5. "I am not seeing Rachel."

"I am not seeing Rachel."

Translation:Chan eil mi a' faicinn Raonaid.

January 22, 2020



Could this mean seeing as in a romantic context, or just whether you can actually see her?


I think a fluent speaker responded to a similar question a few days ago with, "folks my age may understand it as both but it means to actually see ".


It's an an American colloquialism; I live here now, but being originally from the UK it sounds odd to me. I imagine it's much the same in Gaelic.


I really don't see how anyone could get "Rachel" from "Raonaid". Even allowing for nicknames or alternate spellings they don't look or sound anything alike.

Rhonda, maybe I could see. But Rachel just seems arbitrary. Is there any kind of meaningful etymology there?

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