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"Qual é seu verdadeiro objetivo?"

Translation:What is your real goal?

April 29, 2013



I think "What is your true objective?" should be accepted. Reported.


How would you say "What is your objective truth?" :)


"Qual é (a) tua/sua verdade objetiva", assuming objetivo can be used as an adjective in portuguese (Which I'm not sure about, but I guess it can)


I don't think 'what is your objective truth?' has any meaning even in English


Because if you have to ask and if you have to distinguish it as someone's truth, it's pretty subjective.


Is it really wrong to include the object pronoun here? "Qual é o seu verdadeiro objetivo?"


Do you mean to include an article?


Oops, article. Please tell me if my translation is incorrect with the article included. Thanks.


Ah, ok. Yes, you can include the article =)


Obrigado. Eu não o denunciei; isso importa? Muitos erros nunca parecem ter sido corrigidos.


Why not "o que é seu verdadeiro objetivo"?

I feel like this question seems more like an "o que" one than a "qual" one, similar to "o que" ones like "what is she doing" or "what is he eating". But maybe I'm not totally clear on the difference yet.


The way I understand things is that you use "O que" when you want an explanation or a definition. For example, both "O que é (o) seu Nome Duolingo?" and "Qual é (o) seu Nome Duolingo?" are translated as "What is your Duolingo Name?", but the answer to the first question is something like: "É o nome que eu uso para entrar no Duolingo"; and the answer to the second is: "sunnyfairytale".

See: : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/815384


Why "which" is not accepted?


I believe "which" sounds odd here (unless a list of possible answers has been predefined). Think how you'd translate "Qual é (o) seu nome?": "What is your name?" or "Which is your name?" On the other hand, when there's limited choice, as in "Qual é (a) sua cor favorita?", both "what" and "which" fit.


Faster female voice: "Qual é a seu..."
Typed in "Qual é o seu", rejected, should've known better. Piece of crap.

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