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  5. "Tha falt ruadh ort."

"Tha falt ruadh ort."

Translation:You have red hair.

January 22, 2020



The highest percentage of red hair per head of population, is in Scotland. Something to be proud of! Tha falt ruadh àlainn.


Tapadh leibh. Tha falt ruadh orm agus tha falt ruadh air mo mhac cuideachd. Agus mo mhàither, agus mo phiuthar, agus mo cho-ogha....LOL.


Tha sin glè shnog, 's buidhe dhut!


Tha falt ruadh orm . . . And I'm 54 !
Why is "red" here "ruadh" and not "dearg?" It obviously changes depending on what it is referring to: what are the rules for this?


If you're on a PC/laptop, go to the "Body" exercise (section 3 I think). Click on the "Tips" button to read what it says about hair (falt) and the colours you should use with "falt".

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