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  5. "Water is in the tub."

"Water is in the tub."

Translation:In labro aqua est.

January 22, 2020



Why doesn't "labrum" work here. I know there's a system for it, but I don't know how it works yet.


Do you mean using in labrum? That doesn't work as that would be in with an accusative which more implies movement (into the tub). in with an ablative (labro here) specifies location (no motion).


My answet says balneo not labro, im so confused, whats the difference


I just got it again and this time is labro and my balneo answer is wrong...


Labrum/in labro is a bath tub, balneum/in balneo is a bath house.


The dictionary link provides the definition of labrum as "tub, the tub".

It also provides the definition of balneo as "the bath, bathhouse, bath" and one of the examples is "Labrum in balneo est"

Thus, it seems that it is important to use Labrum for tub, and balneo for bath.

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