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  5. "Small Catriona and big Beth."

"Small Catriona and big Beth."

Translation:Catrìona bheag agus Beathag mhòr.

January 22, 2020



Silly question but I've noticed lots of people mentioning how things are explained in the Course Notes. Where are these? I can't find them anywhere! I'm using the app on my mobile.


They can be found at https://duonotes.fandom.com/wiki/Scottish_Gaelic

HOWEVER for later veiwers of these comments they are moving in a matter of weeks to a new wiki.

Usually my wife and I always use the app make the exception is the first time we start a new lesson we open the duolingo.com website in the cell phone browser to view the notes. Also it is a good fall back if you run out of hearts as currently the website doesn't use hearts.


Why is the H added?!


Why isn't it Caitrìona? Or are names an exception to the slender with slender rule?


There always seems to be exceptions to just about any spelling rule. "I before E except after C." That says you should spell 'CEI" when they crop up and EI when following any other letter. Like in the word science.....no wait...that violates the rule. How about ancient....no that does too. Òbh òbh.


They're not ... but names, you know? Also, I have seen Caitrìona and even Càitrin.


Names have more of a tendency to, an there's some words that were other words smooshed together that also violate the rule. They're more of what you might call guidelines. But fairly good ones for most words. Exceptions aren't common.

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