Peppa a ’mhuc

I thought this might be a bit of encouragement for beginners. You'll find some vocabulary that is covered in the course. Follow the adventures of Peppa, Mamaidh muc and dadaidh muc as they try to assemble Am preasa dhèideagan. (The toy cupboard)

January 22, 2020


This isn't really relavant to anything, but my former lecturer is the voice of Daddy Pig in this.

To me, the Zebra / Postman had a nice accent.

THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I only just looked at this thread. I was looking for stuff like this, if you see my post on "comprehensible input". It's perfect.

Does anyone by chance know of a way to purchase all of the Peppa a' mhuc episodes on dvd?

Does anyone know how to find some more episodes? All I'm getting after that first one is episodes in English.

I have a few. I'll post them on You tube when I work out how.

That would be great.

If you can get on BBC iPlayer (I don't know if you can outside the UK or not), they run Peppa on the BBC Alba channel and they refresh the episodes every 8 days.

I'm in Italy, BBC won't let me in

I love it and am so glad to hear the vocabulary used in context (rather than in isolated sentences) at a level I can relate to.

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