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  5. "Cheers, Eilidh and Anna!"

"Cheers, Eilidh and Anna!"

Translation:Slàinte Eilidh agus Anna!

January 23, 2020



If you set off "Cheers" in the translation with a comma, you should allow for it in the Gaelic as well, as this is not a misspelling. You're using direct address (vocative case) in both.


Yep, the comma ought to be there in the Gaelic too. However, it can't be changed at the moment. We will fix it eventually, but it isn't high priority for now :)


The accents are askew as well.


Santé ! In french...


Why do "Isabel" and "Elizabeth" get used when English is displayed but not "Helen" (Eilidh)? It's accepted in responses, of course, but the uneven treatment in the English prompts is puzzling.

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