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move up a student

Hello there fellow educators, I have a students whose language is Spanish. He started with the basic level in duolingo. I would like to move him up. Does anyone know how to do it?

January 23, 2020



The placement test got - even on the web portal - too easy.

They disallow you now typing and FORCE you into tapping word banks (like the mobile apps).

Nobody can test out with this (too many hints, too easy) and being honest about the current knowledge.

Also the placement test seems to have been changed.
You cannot go across a specific checkpoing level.
The test has a limit how many skills you can test out.

Throw away the placement test.

Use the checkpoint tests - on the web - with typing.


I second the checkpoint system. Those will let him unlock everything. It will be your choice if he has to get the basic stuff to the golden level, but he will have access to other skills leading up to the checkpoint that he successfully completes. (He'll basically test out of level one for those skills.)

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