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My School District just Blocked Duolingo!

I was informed today that our school district will not allow our students to use Duolingo due to child privacy policies. Specifically they stated that they sell student information to third party advertisers as well as compile personally identifiable information on our students. So, I am not allowed to assign or allow my student to use Duolingo with their school email address. I am sad because they have learned so much from this website. There is nothing posted that ensures that they are complying with the Children's Online Protection and Privacy Act.

January 23, 2020



Hopefully this will appease your school district:

If a child of under 13 years from outside the EU registers for the Duolingo service, upon registration the child will provide an adult’s e-mail address, to whom Duolingo sends a notification.

These child users will receive the following service restrictions:

  • Instead of any Personally Identifiable Information about the child, we will only store the e-mail address of their parent/guardian.
  • Only family friendly advertisements are shown and these ads do not do behavioral tracking.
  • Mature words such as "beer" and "wine" are disabled.
  • Social features are disabled, e.g. profiles, forums, clubs, etc.
  • They can not enter profile information such as a profile picture or a bio.

At the point when the user is known to have reached the age of 13, the account will automatically be transitioned to be a normal non-restricted account.

Source: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy
This link appears at the bottom of every Duolingo page.


Thank you. I will pass this along. Currently, they are using their school email addresses, so if they change to a parent email, I think that might be Ok for the school district.


I can see the writing on the wall, fellow teachers, so I am beginning a collection of evidence right now to head this issue off at the pass. Thank you for posting your difficulties, Mrs. FosterBMS!


I wish Duolingo would just conform to the child privacy act, and not collect and sell information on children to advertisers. There are lots of easy solutions to this from Duolingo's side of the street. Have your students register with a personal email that is not associated with your school and you should be OK.


What school district are you in?


Orange City Schools- Ohio

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