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  5. "I am not sorry"

"I am not sorry"

Translation:Chan eil mi duilich

January 23, 2020



Why "Chan" here instead of "Cha" (like cha toil leam)?


It's because the following word ("eil") begins with a vowel. You can't have "cha eil" because it's really hard to say, so we add an n to the cha.

It's the same in English, where we say "a seal" but "an otter". It would be too hard to say "a otter" :)


Would be nice to be able to go back to previous phrase whenever desired


Can't do that, but at the end, when it gives you the trumpet noise and your points total and a Continue button on the lower right, there's a also button on the lower left that says "Review Lesson" which will show you all the excercises and your answers.

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