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  5. "tIqqu' 'aD."

"tIqqu' 'aD."

Translation:The blood vessel is very long.

January 23, 2020



Both of these words (sans suffix) have both a verb and a noun meaning. So without the suffix it could mean The blood vessel is long. or It is one heart long.?


It never occurred to me that the word for "heart" tells you that something is long and the word for "blood vessel" tells you how long something is.


In order to understand that someone was saying "it is a heart long" -- it's a little odd to understand even in English--I think they'd have to say juvlu'DI' tIq 'aD but even then I'd probably read it as It was measured to be the vena cava (i.e. the vein of the heart), and ask for clarification. juvmeH tIq lo'lu'chugh wa' tIq 'aD.

Cool observation. I wonder if Marc knew/noticed/intended it.

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