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"Não acontece"

April 29, 2013



Is there any specified emotion come with the phrase? (emphasize something, or just plain narrative?) Can't "Not happening!" be correct?


I think "not happening" would be something at that moment ("isso não está acontecendo") "Não acontece" is general. ("esse vidro se quebra ao ser pressionado com força?" --"não, não acontece")


Why isn't- Nothing happens- correct?


That would be nada acontce


This seems like a tricky one.... HAPPEN doesn't really get used as a verb in English (I don't think??)....Maybe "Occur"? or "Do"

I happen ....(I happen to or I happen across (= I accidentally discover) You/They/We happen...never really gets used unless " happen to" and is usually used as a gentle disagreement:

John: "No one wants to watch this film, it's rubbish!" Jane: "Well, I happen to like it."

Does ACONTECER get used like this:

Eu aconteco jogo ukulele = "I happen to play ukulele" or "I do play ukulele"


Yeah. We also dont say "eu aconteço". Maybe "eu faço isso acontecer" (i make it to happen). Não acontece = it doesnt occur


Also it's not really "Eu jogo ukulele" it's "Eu toco," honestly I only know that because I speak Spanish but it's just the way the cookie crumbles.

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