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  5. "My friend is here."

"My friend is here."

Translation:Tha mo charaid an-seo.

January 23, 2020



I have heard "an caraid agam" on TV several times, I swear it. (Unless I'm misremembering and it should be a' charaid agam" and I got the wrong mark for that. I have no clue gender "caraid" is.)


And I just tested it and 'Tha an caraid agam an-seo' is accepted, at least now (2020-09-27)


I think they're trying to teach the possessives here, but yeah, it'd have to be a good friend technically to use 'mo'


And I checked, it's masculine so it should be an caraid. It may just not be in there because they were focussing on 'mo'


Does this have a different meaning from Tha mo charaid ann?


Yes. That would mean "my friend is there.l


Following up on that =)

What's the difference between "tha mo charaid ann" and "tha mo charaid an-sin"? Is one like saying my friend is there and the other saying "my friend is 'in that place right there' " or are they interchangeable?

Inquiring minds now that the box is open =)

Edit: I didn't realise DL cuts out things between less than and greater than symbols so part of my above sentence had been cut out; I put it back in with single quotes


Someone in the Facebook group told me that "ann" indicates existence in the place, whereas an-sin is more about the location than the person's presence there, and that it's only really used if you're able to point at the place you're talking about.


Thank you JohnCliffo17, this explains something that was puzzling me! Have a lingot!


Pretty interchangeable I think.


Some friends are alienable ! Lol


An earlier lesson indicates that "mo" is used for unalienable ownership... why is thus not "an caraid agam"?


I'm not sure about this, either. I think "mo" is becoming more popular for all sorts of relationships in modern Gaelic, perhaps? It's inconsistent with what I have learned, though.


Does this have a different meaning from Tha mo charaid ann?


Would "tha charaid agam an-seo" not be an acceptable answer?


Tha an caraid agam an-seo should work. Though I haven't tested since they seem to be testing the more intimate possessives. caraid is masculine singular and thus 'is the friend at me here' = My friend is here. When used with the definite article in the nominative case since it's masculine and starts with a c it's just 'an caraid' for 'the friend'. If you just put Tha caraid agam an-seo it would be closer to 'A friend of mine is here' But it shouldn't be lenited in the sentence you suggested.

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