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"Ele deverá estar em casa logo."

Translation:He should be home soon.

April 29, 2013



I've put: he shall be home soon, translating "deverà" as in a future tense. He should be home soon: should it be "ele deveria ...."?? Very confusing set of lessons


It's confusing because English is confusing. ‘Should’ is the past tense of ‘shall’ but we don't use it as you'd expect. Instead it has taken on a new meaning, to have an obligation to or to be likely to, and is used semantically in the present, which in turn often doubles for the future in English, as it does here. This new meaning is one of the meanings of ‘dever’, the other being ‘to owe’. ‘He {will|shall|is going to} be home soon.’ would be the future of ‘to be’ and yield this translation: ‘Ele {estará|vai estar} em casa logo.’ The semantics here are completely different: no likelihoods or obligations, but a simple statement of fact. (I'll upvote your comment since I think it's an excellent question.)


Also, unlike English, the future tense in romance languages is used to imply speculation.


I put "en" by accident and got it wrong. Cut me some slack DUO!!!! :-p

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