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  5. "Dein Sohn trinkt Milch."

"Dein Sohn trinkt Milch."

Translation:Your son drinks milk.

July 7, 2014



I can never get the Deine/Dein correct.


It's based on the gender (and case) of the noun that comes after it. In the nominative case, "dein" is for masculine and neuter nouns, "deine" is for feminine and plural nouns. The chart on this page (http://goo.gl/utLYqI) shows all the different forms. And all possessive determiners/pronouns follow the same endings so you could substitute in "mein" and the endings in the chart would be the same.


How do you know when to use eure versus deine?


How do you know when to use eure versus deine?

Use euer, eure when speaking to several people at once.

Use dein, deine when speaking to one person.

The versions with -e are for feminine or plural nouns; the ones without -e are for masculine or neuter ones.


the "Sohn" Sound like say "sUn" , say "sUn" but spell sohn ?


It sounds like he says dann not dein

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