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  5. "Tha luch beag."

"Tha luch beag."

Translation:A mouse is small.

January 23, 2020



I'm a little confused: luch - mouse - is female, so I would expect - beag- to become -bheag_ ?


I had some difficulty with that as well; I can't speak authoritatively but here's what I was told =)

"tha luch beag" -> "a mouse is small", a complete sentence about a mouse

"tha luch bheag" -> "a small mouse is ", a sentence fragment that needs more to be correct because the small mouse is

It's the difference between saying "my foot is sore" and "my sore foot is ".

Does that help?


Yep, you're right! It's a subtle difference, but a difference none the less :)


So is "bheag" incorrect?


If you’re only saying, “A mouse is small,” (Tha luch beag), then bheag is incorrect.

If you’re using bheag as an adjective modifying “mouse”, as in this example Tha luch bheag air an rathad (a small mouse is on the road), then bheag is correct.


Thank you Kevin :-) Yes, that does make sense - I've been feeling my way towards that kind of conclusion. Tha mi cho sgith a-nis. I'll think about it tomorrow. Cheers!


Why is it "a mouse" and not "the mouse"?

I can't imagine ever having to use the phrase "a mouse is small".


You are talking to small children— reading from their storybook. “A mouse is small, but an elephant is big...”

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