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  5. "Is toil leam an cat."

"Is toil leam an cat."

Translation:I like the cat.

January 23, 2020



The audio makes 'cat' sound like /gat/. Is this just a dialectal thing, or is there a process like nasalisation in Irish going on?


It's both - nasalisation but only in some dialects. It's good to practice recognising it, but it's ok not to produce it yourself. See http://www.akerbeltz.org/index.php?title=Nasalisation_2_or_Why_am_I_married_to_%C9%99_N%C9%AFN%CA%B2%C9%99_agam%3F for an explanation.


Curious to know where this speaker is from; his dialect often makes things difficult to determine, as they sound completely unlike other speakers saying the same things.


I'm curious as well


I thought it was the guy talking to his cat who - like Garfield - doesn't exercise enough: «Is toil leam an gàrr».


Nothing like cat definitely a g sound


We have had cat loads of times but never before but this was the first time anyone in your audio has pronounced cat as gahrt. It is not much use asking us to work that out before you have given us an example before. This was sheer guesswork on our part.

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