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  5. "Bidh cèilidh mhòr ann."

"Bidh cèilidh mhòr ann."

Translation:There will be a big ceilidh.

January 23, 2020



I put "it will be a big ceilidh" - should that be "Bidh i cèilidh mhòr"?


You would be understood.

Technically that would be 'S e (remember that? As in, 'S e iasgair a th' annam). The course hasn't actually covered it yet, but 's e has a past and future tense as well. Don't panic, they are really really easy to learn.

So technically this phrase should be 'S e cèilidh mhòr a bhios ann.

The "bhios" (pronounced vee-us) is the bit which makes this future tense.

Conversely, if you wanted to make it past tense you would simply swap bhios out with bha (pronounced "vah").


thanks for the explanation.


Going crazy trying to hear the difference between bidh and bi. Are they homonyms and distinguishable only by context?

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