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  5. "Tha còta dearg orm."

"Tha còta dearg orm."

Translation:I have a red coat on.

January 23, 2020



How do you know when to use the altered spelling in this catagory?


I'm not sure I know what you mean by altered spelling? Which word are you referring to?


I mean lenition. One of the choices for this question was dhearg. I was confused on when you would add the "h" to the word. What is the rule for this category? And sorry for being so vague on my question above.


Lenition happens for several reasons but the two most common in the course are:

1) using the vocative case, which you aren't doing because you aren't calling someone "red" (like how caraid goes to "a charaid" when you're calling someone "friend")

2) if you're combining it with a singular feminine noun, like "oidhche" - so instead of "oidhche math" you use "oidhche mhath" for "good night". The important part here is that you're saying "good night", you're not saying "a night is good". Since you're combining it with night in "good night", there is lenition. If you were to say "a night is good", "tha oidhche math", there would be no lenition.

In this scenario, you are combining it with a noun ("a red coat"), but "còta" is a masculine noun and singular masculine nouns don't cause lenition.

Does that make sense? (I hope so because I may have half-confused myself ;-))


Yes the cloud is lifting! Thank you! Just one more question...how do you know when it's a feminine or a masculine noun? Or is that a very broad subject for a whole other discussion? In which case I will save you from a very long answer and look elsewhere! Thank you for your time. I really appreciate your help!


It seems that most clothes are feminine, with some exceptions like cota and aodach.

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