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"Chì mi a-rithist sibh, a sheanair."

Translation:See you later, grandfather.

January 23, 2020



This is an example of a word being pronounced differently in the same lesson by two different people. The audio for "sibh" is pronounced "shiv" and the tile "sibh" is pronounced "shoo" by the two different speakers. Is this deliberate or are there always different pronunciations for this word?


It’s because of dialect differences.

Formal programs teach “shiv” because that’s how it’s spelt. Various dialects (especially in Lewis and Harris, and I think to some degree in Uist and Eriskay) pronounce it “shoo”.

I use “oo” and I’m fairly certain I’ll get grief for it when I start the SMO course in a few weeks...but I live in an area where centuries-old dialects are being crushed by outsiders and, if possible, I refuse to knowingly and intentionally contribute to a similar situation where the native Lewis dialects are concerned.

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