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  5. "Psittaci plurima ova habent."

"Psittaci plurima ova habent."

Translation:The parrots have very many eggs.

January 23, 2020



The best news ever for a parrot breeder...


Wow that's a lot of parrots. You of all people would know: do they ever act drunk? XD


This is worrying news, More drunken angry parrots rampaging through the Roman Empire


Time for the Dead Parrot Sketch by Montgy Python ... to get rid of the surplus ;)


How do i know that plurima refers to the eggs not the parrots?


Adjectives have to agree with the noun they modify.

Here, we have two nouns psittaci (masculine nominative plural) and ova (neuter accusative plural). Plurimi is the masculine nominative plural form so plurima cannot go with psittaci but plurima is indeed the neuter accusative plural form so it can go with ova.

In other cases, when a form of the adjective is the same for different cases and genders then you will have to use context and what makes the most sense to determine which noun the adjective modifies.


They'll have to go on the wagon for a bit now.


This is a tragedy in the making...

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