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The light-bulb moment

Am I this stupid? Did I miss a pointer somewhere?

I bashed my way through the entirety of the first module in the Gaelic course, all the while wishing there were some explanatory notes somewhere and wondering where the heck I'd be if I hadn't read the first few chapters of a Gaelic grammar book about 50 years ago and (improbably) remembered a chunk of it. I took to clicking on the comments on the individual questions because some of these were very helpful.

It wasn't until I'd started the second module that I discovered, from a tip in one of the comments pages, that if you click the wee light-bulb icon in the start pane for each lesson, you get to an incredibly helpful page of notes for that lesson. I could hardly see the light-bulb. I had no idea what it was or what it was doing there. It had never occurred to me to click it.

Was there a notice somewhere that I missed? Do a lot of people miss it? Judging by the questions in the comments I suspect I might not be alone.

January 24, 2020



I signed up to Duo just for the Scottish Gaelic and didn't know about the light bulb either until someone mentioned it on the forum. If you want to see all the notes together, here is a page for that: https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd


Oh wow, that is fantastic! I didn't see any pointer to that anywhere. It's a terrific resource. I can keep the page open and refer to it any time, and it's searchable. What's not to like? But It would be really helpful if there was a clearer indication that these tremendous resources actually exist! How do people find them? Just clicking all over the page to see what happens? The tips are absolutely essential, it shouldn't be so hit and miss as to whether you discover them.


Strange.... I always wondered how one can NOT see it and NOT try to click it. Btw. some weeks or so before all my lightbulbs vanished and I have a bigger button that says "Tips" on it.

Ohhh!!! Now I realize you are talking maybe of duome! That is an inofficial site, so there is no pointer from Duo. But you're right , it is a wonderful thing to check your progress and control your study, etc....


that is your personal duome site btw.


No idea what duome is.

It may be a feature of different displays or different screens or even different browsers. It would be interesting to know what the split is between people who discover it right at the start and people who struggle a long way in before they're shown it.

I made a comment in the first module about something which it turns out is actually explained right at the very start of the tips (about slainte meaning health, and translating it as cheers! not making a lot of sense when you get to slainte mhath) and people who had read the tips must have wondered why on earth I bothered!


The original model of Duolingo was that users should learn the language through example sentences. That's an OK model for going between English, Spanish, and French, though even between those languages, some grammar notes can be really helpful. So they added a way to include some grammar "Tips", but sort of hid them so only those desperately searching for them would find them. They still haven't really made them available enough or obvious enough. Those original languages (plus a few more) now have "Tips" in the apps and they are testing a larger "Tips" button for some users. They are slowly (very slowly) trying to make the "Tips" more available and more obvious. Who knows, one day we may even have "Tips" for all languages on the apps.


If you are on the app version - you won't see it at all.

If you are on the web version or on the browser version on your smartphone, it is there.


Oh, it's there all right. My problem was that I didn't see it. I just started on the lessons, keen to learn, but there was no pointer to suggest that clicking on that barely-visible cryptic wee symbol might be a useful thing to do!


"...barely-visible cryptic wee symbol" .....exactly! Well, I think it never has been beautiful enough to serve as a mere decoration, so I thought: "and what's that for?" - click - ah!!!!


As I said, maybe it's a display thing. I didn't even notice it until someone mentioned it in the comments some way into the second module.


Glad I came across this thread! I have now found the lightbulb on my laptop browser but it is definitely not there in the Android app - which, of course, is what I have been using!


I just checked on my Android phone and it's definitely there. I haven't found anything I can do on my computer that I can't do on my phone, although I find the phone speaker less easy when trying to hear the subtle pronunciation differences between two words.


In the app? Are you using your mobile browser. It should be there on the mobile browser, but it definitely should not be there in the app.


Tapadh leat gu dearbh! I've been super worried about grammar when I took the course and I can't be anymore grateful to find this!


Hey, THEY FIXED IT!! The light-bulb is no more and has been replaced by a clear button marked "tips".

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