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  5. "Ciamar a tha thu?"

"Ciamar a tha thu?"

Translation:How are you?

January 24, 2020



The first (and essentially the only) Gaelic words I learned as a child from my father. (OK, He also told me "Tha gu math" and "Ciamar a tha thu fhèin" but that was it.) His father had lost the language in the late 19th century due to English being the mandated language for schools, and this was all he had passed on. So dad passed it on to me. I'm expanding my vocabulary now.


Morag is gaelic & pretty name


Ciamar was a "new word" for me - in the sense that I haven't encountered it in this course before (even though I knew it from years ago). But the app didn't show the "new word" heading like it usually does even there's a new word. I'm not sure that there's any real issue so I don't want to flag it as an error, but I wonder if that should be considered an error or not?

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