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  5. "We intend to meet Toral."

"We intend to meet Toral."

Translation:toral wIqIH 'e' wIHech.

January 24, 2020



What's the secret for choosing the correct version of "to meet" here? I can't seem to find a good explanation in my copy of TKD, and don't really have any other resources available at the moment.


qIH means to meet some one as in being introduced to them or become acquainted with them for the first time, as in "When did you meet the captain?" TKD says, "meet (for the first time)".

ghom means to gather together in one place. As in, "When are you meeting with the captain?" TKD says, "meet, encounter, assemble, rendezvous".

In a sentence like this question, it is not completely clear which is meant. We could be meeting him for the first time or we could be getting together with a guy we already know to do something together. This sentence only accepted qIH, but I've added ghom as an option now.

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