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  5. "Tha e a' cluiche le ball."

"Tha e a' cluiche le ball."

Translation:He is playing with a ball.

January 24, 2020



I believe le is "with" [an object]


Yes. Generally with translates as le unless it is something you are doing face-to-face, such as fighting or talking

Bha cù a' sabaid ri cat - a dog was fighting with a cat
Bha mi a' bruidhinn ri Mòrag - I was talking with Mòrag


what, no ri or agus?


I think this is very funny, coming from someone with an apparently Irish name. Obviously I don't know where you are from or if you speak Irish, but Irish le covers both le and ri (and sometimes aig) in Gaelic, and I know some Irish speakers are bemused by the fact that sometimes they have to replace le with ri – or aig, and sometimes they mustn't. (Note ri did exist (spelt fri ) but it has been lost in Irish – see eDil for the gory details of its demise.)


Im done with this. How do I quit and stop being charged?

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