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  5. "Tha an nighean agam modhail."

"Tha an nighean agam modhail."

Translation:My daughter is well behaved.

January 24, 2020



Sorry, this has probably been answered somewhere else but I can't find it... Why can't I say mo nighean instead of an nighean agam for my daughter? I can say mo bhean for my wife but it's an duine agam for my husband? Or am I getting completely mixed up?


I feel I'm missing something - why is "I have a well behaved daughter" not an acceptable way of translating this?


The Gaelic equivalent of 'I have a well-behaved daughter' would be, I think: 'Tha nighean mhodhail agam'...


Two things which have pretty much already been pointed out:

An nighean agam makes it "my daughter" instead of "I have a daughter" and if the adjective were directly describing the subject it would be "mhodhail" instead of modhail.

"Tha nighean mhodhail agam" would be "I have a well-behaved daughter."


is he saying "moogav" in a particular dialect


i actually really like this word, "modhail". you know what it sounds like to me? model. NOT as in model--starving, runway chick. rather, model--cambridge dictionary definition: "something that a copy can be based on because it is an extremely good example of its type". words, their meanings and/or their connotations, were so much richer back in the day...but i am a relic, and i tend towards the archaic.

i didn't want to sacrifice a perfect score on this lesson, but it would be really cool if, "my daughter is model," could be accepted as an answer!


I am so confused about this one. In the last set of questions I put "my son is well-behaved" and it was wrong, it should have been "I have a well-behaved son". This one I put "I have a well-behaved daughter" but it should have been "my daughter is well-behaved"! Can someone explain the difference? My understanding is that "tha an nighean agam modhail" = "the daughter at me is polite/well-behaved". To me that reads as both "I have a well-behaved daughter" AND "my well-behaved daughter"! What's the distinction? Thanks in advance!

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