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Student Account Freezing

One of my student's (Arabic to English) accounts freezes up just at the very end of the lesson. She then closes her Duolingo and restarts it and loses all her progress in that lesson. This is happening frequently, to the point that she's given up using the program.

January 24, 2020



Is this happening on a mobile device or browser?


Good question because I’ve been recently thinking that maybe, since we only use Duolingo from Safari, maybe that’s where the glitch is. However, we deleted the app from students devices because we found they can’t see their Duolingo Classroom assignments when they use the app. The only way to view their assessments is via a browser. So then we tried Chrome and got the same glitch. It’s a shame too, because its a very advanced multiple lingual student that is really benefiting from the formal Arabic that she otherwise doesn’t have access to, especially the written form.


Sorry, long answer. Short answer: both! :)

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