"La strada più sicura è quella sulla sinistra."

Translation:The safest road is that one on the left.

April 29, 2013

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Since più can mean 'more' why is not 'the street on the left is safer' acceptable ie comparative rather than superlative adjective.


I had the safer street accepted


(American English speaker) I think it's the "la" that makes it superlative, even though it's not right in front of "piu." But I'm not sure


no no the superlative is made by the "più" next to "sicura"


and because there isn't the "than" a noun that the comparative should have (just like english): "più" + adjective + "di". for example "questa strada é più sicura di quella" (this road is safer than that one)


I wonder about this too, why is one version of the comparative and the superlative accepted as the correct translation? I interpreted this sentence with "safer"


Più has a couple of meanings, it can also mean "most" and "plus".


You could try: "The safer street is that one on the left."
There's a limit to how much you can rearrange a sentence and still be close enough to pass for a translation exercise.
You also missed out the "quella" translation. If you'd said "That street/road on the left is safer" it might have been accepted, although that would translate as:
Quella strada a sinistra è più sicura.


"The safest road is to the left" - why is this wrong?


Because you've left out part of the translation. 'Quella' means 'that one'


Why the word order, especially e [is] after sicura, not before piu?


Because "la strada piu' sicura" is a closed structure that keeps together, and the e' refers to this. As far as I know. :)


Why is "That street on the left is the safest" not correct?


It accepted "the safer road is the one on the left" but it can be formulated in different ways in English, like "the safer(or safest) road is on the left" which means the same thing


either safer or safest would be correct here because of structural ambiguity. 'più sicura' here is an adjective and because the subject already has a definite article none is added to 'più sicura' if it is intended as a superlative. the context of a conversation could make clear the intended use. "all these streets are dodgy at best. ma la strada più sicura è quella sulla sinistra." (superlative). "i've driven down both these streets before and la strada più sicura è quella sulla sinistra." (comparative) in the sentence that duo posted only two streets are mentioned, suggesting the best choice would be comparative, but without further context it's not clear.


"The safest street is the left one" doesn't not get accepted somehow. English is not my first language, is this sentence incorrect?


I guess it wants 'that' for quella

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