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Looking for Hindi books for someone who just learned to read the language

Hey everyone,

I have known Hindi for a long time (mainly from watching Hindi movies and TV from a very early age). But only recently learned to read it. I am reading little bits of hindi from news sites every day. Now I am looking for some fun, light reading materials. Novels, short stories, even books intended for kids or young adults would do (Indian fairy-tales, folktales etc). Anything that you think would be fun to read. NOT anything too serious or complex, as I am still a pretty slow reader.

January 24, 2020



The following links provides children's books in Hindi (via public Google Drive). It is definitely targeted for a younger audience, but still a good resource for Hindi reading practice.




Thank you. I'll check these out


You're welcome - and good luck!


बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद !


I'm looking forward to hearing people's answers, too.

I'm slugging my way through the Hindi version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, but even though I'm quite familiar with the story in English, it's still slow and painful reading for me at this point. I'd love to read stories targeting an 8 year-old's reading level, not a teenager's.

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