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Sound problem with a certain speaker

So far I'm very happy with the Gaelic course (even though I have to learn it in English and not in my first language - killing two birds with one stone, I guess). But I have quite some acoustical problems with one special speaker, who, if I remember correctly, turned up around the 'I am from XY' lesson. He sounds older, but that is not the problem. The problem is, that while all other voices are recorded sharp and clear, he sounds as if he was recorded from inside a trash can. He is really, really hard to understand, and I have good hearing as far as I know. So when there was a 'write what you hear' lesson and this hollow, muffled voice came up, I just thought, are you kidding me? It would be great if all recordings had the same high quality. ;)

January 24, 2020



I take it as a challenge. Because that's what life is. To make a successful telephone call in a foreign language is always one of the most challenging things to do, I find. Coz sometimes it sounds like talking to someone inside a can. Better immerse yourself in all sorts of voices, I tell myself. Oh, and ...lucky you, to get kissed by Thor and Loki at the same time?! ;o)


Just flag exercises with poor sound quality. They're in the process of replacing them.

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