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  5. "It is really sunny today."

"It is really sunny today."

Translation:Tha i gu math grianach an-diugh.

January 24, 2020



Why is "tha i gu mòr grianach an-diugh" not accepted when "gu mòr" is one of the translations given for "really" in this example?


Could someone explain the difference between gu math and gu mòr, and why the latter is unacceptable in this context? Thank you!


It also accepted 'Tha i glè grianach an-diugh


Why does it have i in it is really sunny today when it is tha .. yet when i put i in it it is not accepting the i I is used as female the weather is classed as a femminie word so why is it i not acceted in this context its confusing i with it is and she is


It is really very sunny today.

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