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Vocabulary - gender

Hi to everyone at Duolingo. Great site. The only problem is that it's addictive!

If possible, I would like to see an indication of gender in the vocabulary lists. For example, "la voiture", rather than "voiture (f)". I just find it easier to learn each word like this, then I automatically remember the gender. Thanks, Alice.

April 29, 2013



I too am addicted to duolingo! I don't use the german vocabulary lists at present because there is no indication of gender. I would love to see this as an addition to the program!


It existed a while back, still waiting for it to be reinstated.


Every source I have used for language study insists that one must learn an article with the noun. I also would really like to see this in the list. The m/f indicators are still needed for cases like l'eau.


Good point, I forgot about that. Another good way of effortlessly learning gender is to learn a noun with an adjective, for example, "l'eau fraiche". I just find that sticks in my mind better than seeing m/f.


i belive that you can figure out the gender by context clues. Also you should not go by every word and hover ver them because you can't learn that way. It is like defining "un" and being level 20 french when you only know level 1 french.

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