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  5. "Duj So'meH, So'wI' chu' HoD."

"Duj So'meH, So'wI' chu' HoD."

Translation:The captain engaged the cloaking device in order to cloak the ship.

January 25, 2020



This one was a word tile exercise for me. I got the correct answer, but I was told before that since the "in order to cloak the ship" part comes first in the Klingon translation, it is supposed to come first in the English translation as well. Is this one of the sentences that needs correcting still, or is there a grammar rule regarding "in order to" phrases that is taking precedence here?


When both languages are flexible in order, we ask you to maintain the same order in your translation. In English, "purpose" clauses are flexible, but in Klingon -meH clauses must come first. There is no way to maintain the order of the English sentence given above when translating into Klingon - the order must be changed. -meH is the only subordinate clause that is restricted in this way. Thus we treat sentences with -meH differently and use sentences like this one too demonstrate this difference with -meH.

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