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  5. "'oy' ghopwIj."

"'oy' ghopwIj."

Translation:My hand aches.

January 25, 2020



It sounds like theres a vowel before the gh in the audio of this sentence.


gh is a voiced consonant and it does sound like she starts the voicing before she starts the constriction for the gh. It does not sound like a full vowel to my ears and since Klingon words can't start with a vowel it can't be a Klingon word with a vowel there. I'll tag Qov so she can listen to it and decide if she wants to re-record it.


Just found this (so no, putting things in different audio threads isn't better--I have a link directly to the other one) and it was affected by the bubble reprocessing plague, so I've re-recorded it all in any case.

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