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"Cha bhi sinn a' cluiche iomain, bidh i ro fhliuch."

Translation:We will not play shinty, it will be too wet.

January 25, 2020



Is it ever too wet for shinty?


I'm interested in the usage of "iomain" for shinty. For instance, it's the Camanachd Cup, Kingussie Camanachd Club. The old MacAlpine's Gaelic dictionary I looked up said iomain was the act of driving, and could be applied to driving cattle, playing golf or shinty. It gives "ag iomain" as playing shinty. Is the term "camanachd" not normally used? Odd because "caman"is often used for the shinty stick even speaking English, and is used by the stick makers, e.g. "Munro Camans" in brand names.


Standard usage for 'playing shinty' in all forms of Gaelic media and Gaelic speaking players, officials and followers is 'ag iomain', not 'a' cluich iomain'. You may find ' a'camanachd' used on isolated occasions. Similar to Kingussie Camanachd Club, Skye shinty club has always been and remains 'Skye Camanachd'.


won't should be accepted for will not

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