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"There is a supermarket in Inverness."

Translation:Tha mòr-bhùth ann an Inbhir Nis.

January 25, 2020



I find mòr-bhùth an interesting word. I'd have expected its component parts to be the other way round - bùth-mòr, since, up till now, mòr has been a following adjective (and by analogy with various other compounds seen so far - seòmar-cadal, taigh-seinnse etc - which I do understand don't have an adjective as their second part). Is there an explanation as to (1) why this is the format and (b) why bhùth is lenited? I don't remember seeing anything in the notes, but I may have missed it. Tapadh leibh.


Good question. I would be just as interested as to why "marghad" wasn't used.


Why do we keep having typos when we choose from words provided? Here there was not a búth so I used bhúth and was told it should be spelt búth. Also missing apostrophes from words to choose from come up as typos

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