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  5. "Fuar no blàth?"

"Fuar no blàth?"

Translation:Cold or warm?

January 25, 2020



Pronunciation of "no" (or) seems different here.


I agree; it sounds like "nyo" to me. Regional pronunciation?


Came here with the same question!


It's not regional: "no" is more common than "neo" when each is used on its own, but combinations like "air no" and "air neo" are about as frequent as each other.
But don't rely on that - I've drifted too much into having poor Gàidhlig. Unfortunately Spanish doctors and nurses don't speak Gàidhlig, and they are the people I've mostly conversed with since my crazy accident in Spring 2020). From Dec 2009 to Dec 2018 I'd been speaking in winter mostly in Spanish and in Gaeilge na hÈireann and in summer in English.


It sounds like "fuar i tha blath"

[deactivated user]

    It doesn't sound like fuar.


    I like hearing an older lady for a change! I seemed to hear 'sfuar' not 'fuar'

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