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"Speak slower. I have a little Gaelic."

Translation:Bruidhinn nas slaodaiche. Tha beagan Gàidhlig agam.

January 25, 2020



Why is "beagan" before "Gàidhlig"?


According to my dictionary "little" can be a noun. This seems to be such a case. Remove the word Gaelic, and you still have a complete sentence. "I have a little." In this situation Gàidhlig is the modifier.


What is wrong with "can"? I think that has been accepted before.


Do you mean the Gaelic word 'can'? That means 'say' and not 'speak', so it won't be accepted here.


This is the first time this issue has cropped up in doing the course as far as I can remember . It would be nice if the point could be mentioned in the Tips section.

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