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I am a Japanese that have just started to learn Arabic.

There are pretty few Japanese people who speak Arabic. More often than not, news about Islamic states provided by Japanese press are not reliable enough. I would like to access info on the internet which is given in Arabic, so that I understand what is really going on in Islamic regions. That is one of my motivations to learn Arabic. I wonder what motivates you to learn Arabic....

January 26, 2020



اهلا شينيا! كيف حالك؟


What do you want to know ???

Islam, Muslims, or the Arabic language ???


Hi! Nice to meet you. Greetings to japan! Just some few clarifications: Not every Islamic State is “arab” and you can still be Muslim and not Arabic. Arabic is a beautiful language and I hope you enjoy yourself. What motivated me to learn Arabic was because i already knew how to read and write Arabic and understood some words, so I just wanted to complete my knowledge, and also because the language has lots of character which draws you toward it.


nice advice! Thanks!


Also many Arabic speaking people are not Muslim.


You mean most of Muslims are not speaking Arabic


and there are many arabs or people who speak arabic but are not muslims


I mean what I said :)


I had a friend in college, whenever someone rephrased some of his sentences, he used to say in an Ironic way "yes thats the Hebrew translation of what I just said in arabic"

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