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  5. "Family and friends."

"Family and friends."

Translation:Teaghlach agus caraidean.

January 26, 2020



Caraidean agus teaghlach is accepted but the word order is different. Family comes first in Gaelic.


Did you report it during doing the exercise? Looks like a mistake for contributors to fix (or at least accept the other word order).


The correct order is accepted - and I have a vague recollection of having put the wrong order in on a previous occasion, being a marginally more familiar format, and having failed to observe the given order - and it was marked wrong, entirely justly.


I reported it, because I was marked wrong for "Teaghlach agus caraidean". Or rather, "teaghlach agus Caraidean". The capitalisation on the tile pushes you to put Caraidean first, but that's not the order in the question.


Well, it allowed "teaghlach agus Caraidean" this time. Someone needs to fix the capitalisation the tiles and also the reference answer.


Sorry, that was a mistake on my part. I fixed the English sentence a few weeks ago but forgot to fix the Gaelic.


Easy done! You're all stars.

There are several different questions pointing to this answer, including one where you have to fill in just the first word, and last time I saw that the pre-filled part was forcing the words the wrong way round. You maybe need to check all the different forms of the question that pop up.


Don't worry, all the different types of exercises are attached to the same sentence in the incubator, so it should fix all of them!


Ta muchly, much appreciated.


The only possible correct translation is in fact incorrect. It has been inverted; all the right words but in the wrong order.


I wrote_ teaghlach agus càirdean and it was accepted. What is the difference between càirdean and caraidean?


This same page has come up again in a situation where the prompt says "Family and friends" but the word that has to be filled in is the first one, "__ agus teaghlach". So it's forcing the student to answer with the Gaelic for "Friends and family" even though that isn't the question.


The tip list doesn't match the answer in spelling or accent

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