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"Where are you, Iain and Andrew?"

Translation:Càit a bheil sibh, Iain agus Anndra?

January 26, 2020



I'm mixing up 'sibh' and 'leibh'... is there a rule about usage, please?


'Sibh' is used as subject and direct object: Tha sibh math. Tha mi a' faicinn sibh. 'Leibh' is one of the many instances of a pronoun combined with a preposition: le + sibh = leibh. aig + sibh = agaibh. air + sibh = oirbh and so on. So 'leibh' is used in expressions that employ 'le', such as 'Is toil le' (Literally 'it is pleasing with/to'). So 'you like' is in theory 'Is toil le sibh' which becomes 'Is toil leibh'.

I think that's how to explain it, but I stand to be corrected!


Ceart gu lèor! Tapadh le + sibh, oops, leibh :)


'S e do bheatha...


Im just getting confused with everything now lol

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