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"Tha iad cho coltach ri sgadan."

Translation:They are as similar as two herring.

January 26, 2020



Hi all, don’t necessarily disagree with the below but incase you haven’t already, please use the reporting function using “my answer should have been accepted”. We see a tiny minority of reports made in sentence discussions and don’t actively look for them. There are 6000 or so similar pages like this. Too many to keep an eye on.


Well, y'know, we trust you so much we're looking for the reasons why our answer wasn't right, rather than thinking we know it all!


This is charming, is it a regular expression?


Would this be used in the sense of "they are pretty much exactly alike" or "they are in no way alike"? I honestly have no idea how similar two herring are...


Herring are famous for being identical. It's the Gaelic equivalent for "as like as two peas".


Good to know! Tapadh leat :)


I fell that "They are as like as " is good current English and closer to the proverb than "They are as similar as "


Yes, I put "they are as alike as..." because that was what seemed natural English usage. Is there a difference?


That's what I put. People are said to be alike when they are eg Twins. An ape and a human can be said to be similar.


It seems changes have been made. My answer, "They are as alike as two herring", was accepted today.


Alike maybe is but not like


how is that any different from@ They are so alike as two herring


Things can be "similar", but not "alike". An ape is "similar" to a human in many ways.

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