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"The music is playing in the garage."

Translation:Kani ka pila ma ka hale kaʻa.

January 26, 2020



This is a pretty strange sentence. Grammatically accurate, but literally it means "The stringed instrument makes a sound in the garage." No tense indicated (such as ke...nei), and "ma loko o ka hale kaʻa" is good standard Hawaiian, but maybe DL will be using locatives more (such as "i loko o") at another level. It's been surprising to see that DL doesn't accept "komo i loko o" instead of "komo ma" in "komo" sentences. Again, that's standard Hawaiian: komo i loko, puka i waho.


I guessed "Ke kani ka pila nei ma ka hale ka'a." Incorrect also. Looks and sounds awkward. Aloha


kani ka pila i loko o ka hale ka'a


I wrote Aia ke kani ka pila ma ka hale ka'a, and was marked incorrect. That is fine, but is this truly incorrect if kani ka pila is taken as an idiom? Or is kani ka pila not an idiom?

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